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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy for Mom and Babe: A Sacred Bond


Although there is a wealth of info on the growth of a babe, it still feels like a magical process unfolding inside the womb. It is an emotionally rich experience to carry another being inside. With this incredible journey, a mom’s body goes through astounding physical and physiological changes. This can lead to some mild discomfort and sometimes…let’s be honest…misery! Misery we handle as best we can because we know we are bringing a bright little light into this life. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has shown to be effective in easing the various discomforts that can happen during pregnancy. These include and are not limited to:

· pubic symphysis pain

· nausea

· morning sickness

· fatigue

· round ligament pain

· lumbar sacral issues

· pelvic pain

· depression

· anxiety

· insomnia

The therapy is deeply therapeutic, relaxing, and restorative. It is also a resourcing treatment in the weeks leading up to birth. The gentle touch is led by the health of your own body. The practitioner is listening through presence and touch to address the priorities in your own system. At the start of a session, time will be taken to find the most comfortable position. Cushions and wedges are used for support in either a seated position or lying on the table (side or supine). The baby is not treated at this time, but it will likely feel the effects through the mom. Please check out the Pregnancy Package on my website page 'Mom and babe'

Birth and Postpartum

The experience of childbirth is quite something. The process can be short and sweet with baby flying out in the elevator or long and arduous making you swear to yourself you will never do it again. Which ever way the journey goes…joyous, traumatizing, terrifying, painful, enduring and/or orgasmic (I am highly disappointed this did not happen for me), the baby is going through its own journey as it navigates the birth canal. The pressures and forces the baby will experience at birth is different for every babe. It can depend on how the baby is lying in the womb before birth and what position it goes into as it enters the canal. It also can depend on the shape/size of mom’s pelvic outlet as well as the tautness of ligaments/joints and muscle tone. The experience of childbirth can go many different directions leaving a unique experience and imprint on mom and babe both physically and emotionally. Physically, the baby bends and twists as it works its way out, enduring forces that can leave compressions and/or torsional pulls on the cranium, shoulders, and hips. For the moms, it is an exhausting process with sensitive areas needing weeks to heal after birth (C section or Vaginal birth). Emotionally, the birth process can take curve balls that can leave mom harbouring a mixture of feelings on how things went. As well, the baby can experience temporary shock or stress as it adjusts to being outside of mom’s body and reacts to possible medical interventions. Even in the most ideal situations birth can be our first experience of trauma in this life. Like any other life experience, it is a beautiful process with bumps that we can’t avoid, and the unfolding of the process keeps going after birth. Mom and babe need tender loving care and a calm environment to establish bonding and co-regulation. At times, this is easier said than done as a family adjusts to the needs of a newborn.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy provides a nurturing and loving field of support allowing mom and babe to breathe and ease issues that arose from birth. The touch is light with no manipulation or quick movements so that the baby always feels safe. The gentle touch supports the nervous system in finding balance to allow for resting and digesting (functions of the parasympathetic nervous system). In this mode, the body can heal and make subtle physical and emotional changes to support health. The mom and baby are treated together as a unit. For treatment, the baby is often held by mom lying or sitting on the table or with mom in contact with babe lying on the table. This therapy is also beneficial for general wellness support. Even with the absence of anything triggering a need for support, a treatment can bring a sense of calm and wellness. With life being so unpredictable these days, we often forget we have access to these blissful states. Please check out the Mom and Babe package on my website page 'Mom and Babe'

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