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Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby

Mom + Babe 

Mom and Babe Treatments

I offer these packages to honor this beautiful and equally challenging time of life.  It was a difficult time for me with my first born.  I would like moms to know that this therapy is available when traditional supports may not be available or may not be helping.  Please read my blog article 'Mom and Babe: A Sacred Bond' for more info.

Pregnancy package

The purpose of this package is to reduce costs for mom while treating any on-going issue arising from pregnancy.  This includes 5 one-hour sessions.

  • Cost $390

**Please e-mail or call to book these sessions


Mom and Babe package

The purpose of this package is to help mom and babe feel resourced and ready going into birth.  The postpartum session is to support co-regulation, bonding, and resolve any issues arising from birth.

  • This includes 2 one-hour sessions before birth

  • One 30-minute phone call to go over birth story

  • 1.5hr session with mom and babe postpartum (in home or in clinic)

  • Cost $250.00

**Please e-mail or call to book these sessions


All treatments are booked for one hour, including up to 45 minutes spent on the table fully clothed.  It is recommended to wear clothing that allows you to feel comfortable lying in a supine position. 


At the start of the session, we discuss what brings you in and how we will move forward with treatment.  I will reserve some time after your treatment for questions and a review of the session.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
'Touch comes before sight, before speech.  It is the first language and the last and it always tells the truth' - Margaret Atwood
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